Gamma Knife Radiation Therapy for Pituitary Tumors - Summary

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Gamma Knife focused radiation should be considered part of the pattern of care for patients with secretory and non-secretory pituitary tumors with the goal of controlling and eventually curing the problem. Part of the comprehensive approach to the care of a patient with pituitary disease is regular endocrine monitoring. Since there is a risk of development of pituitary hormone deficiency, every patient should be monitored regularly and appropriate hormone replacement instituted if a hormone deficiency develops. Another important part of follow up is an MRI scan to measure the size of the residual tumor or pituitary gland. Although uncommon, a few patients who have had any type of pituitary radiation may have growth of the tumor, which may require additional surgery. In essence, all patients who have had a pituitary tumor require regular examinations, with particular attention to the need for hormone replacement and regular MRI studies to assess pituitary tumor size. With the proper combination of medical, surgical and radiation therapy, patients with a pituitary tumor should be able to lead a normal life and have a normal life expectancy.